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test tubes with coloured contents


We offer a wide range of versatile lab consumables, from tubes and containers, pipettes and petris to swabs and storage systems - for professionals and hobbyists worldwide, supplied from stock in the UK


selection of products used to store different contentsBean to bar resource kit with metal top containers




Featured Products

0.5ml foodsafe pipette (PIP5)

Foodsafe pipettes


range of test tubes with corks

Glass tubes with corks ... from tiny tubes for fairy dust, to storing buttons, tea, coffee, spices, sand or cocktails - even for lab use

30 ml glass bottle with foil lined cap (GL30)

30ml glass bottle with foil lined cap

15ml white snap cap desiccant vial - 15DV

15ml snap cap desiccant vial -  for keeping power or tablets dry


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