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Pipettes for Pudding Tipple

Christmas pudding with tipple bottles & pipettes

Homemade or shop bought, individual puddings or family-sized, who doesn’t like a moist Christmas pudding – or the fun of adding your favourite tipple?  Foodsafe pipettes are great for this purpose, and for fun at Christmas-time, why not serve the matured pudding with a pipette for dinner guests to dispense – its sure to be a talking point.

For those less keen on the forthcoming Black Friday weekend promotions, why not turn your thoughts to the tradition of Stir Up Sunday on 26 November 2017 instead?  Put on your apron and gather your family and friends together to make a Christmas pudding or Christmas cake.  It’s the day when wishes are said to come true, so get stirring!

Here’s a link to some baking ideas from the BBC Good Food Guide.  Being of religious origination, Stir Up Sunday is takes place on the last Sunday before the first Sunday of Advent.

Pudding with bottles & pipettes

pipettes adding pudding tipple

Putting a silver coin in the pudding is another age-old custom that is said to bring luck to the person that finds it. In the UK the coin traditionally used was a silver ‘six pence’. The closest coin to that now is a five pence piece!

“The tradition seems to date back to the Twelfth Night Cake which was eaten during the festivities on the ‘Twelfth Night’ of Christmas (the official end of the Christmas celebrations). Originally a dried pea or bean was baked in the cake and whoever got it, was ‘king or queen’ for the night. There are records of this practice going back to the court of Edward II (early 1300s). The bean was also sometimes a silver ring of small crown. The first coins used were a Silver Farthing or penny. After WW1 it became a threepenny bit and then a sixpence.”  click to view full post

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