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Batty for Halloween?

Bats on Halloween sky image

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to ghouls, spooks and more.  Here at The Consumables Company, we’ve compiled a Pinterest board which is brimming over with ideas for laboratory inspired Halloween tricks and treats.

Halloween is a great time to embrace your inner mad scientist; grab a laboratory flask and some test tubes and create some oozing, bubbly, slimy mixtures and enjoy the fun.  We hope you enjoy creating your best party ever; as much as we’ve loved curating these ideas for you.

We have also been working with several animal rescue charities recently, who use our teeny pipettes to feed the babies that are in their care. 

Did you know there are 18 species of bat living in the UK?  This baby bat (or pup as they are known) was being looked after at The Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset.   At the centre, they aim to prevent British wildlife from suffering needlessly and inspire an understanding and love of wildlife and the countryside. 

The bat pups are sometimes fed with goat’s milk which is similar to the composition of bat’s milk. They’ll be fed between every one to three hours depending on the bat’s size and species.  

A rescue bat being pipette fed A rescue bat being pipette fed

Although bats feature a great deal around Halloween, they may already be hibernating at this time of year.  Instead of thinking that bats are somehow scary we should be celebrating their usefulness to the environment; some plants depend on bats to pollinate flowers and disperse seeds, while other bats help pest control by eating insects.

Unfortunately, the UK bat population has greatly reduced over the past few years; many of the sites where bats would feed and roost have been destroyed for the construction of homes and roads, as our towns and cities have expanded. 

The extensive use of pesticides in farming has reduced the numbers of insects that the bats fed upon and also killed some of the bats themselves. Now all British bats and the areas where they roost are protected by law.

We are delighted to support the work of these animal rehabilitation centres and love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of their work.

We are especially thrilled to see our products being used in exciting and different ways, if you’d like us to feature you, please get in touch.

No hibernating at Flavourtown Bakery where they have produced these tasty Halloween cupcakes, some with potion filled pipettes!

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