tiny corked tube with colourful contents for decorationSomething of a novel spin on laboratory consumables. this cute little glass bottle with cork stopper is sure to be a hit with our creative customers.

Shown here containing cake sprinkles to make a pretty decoration, this bottle has a cornucopia of possible uses …

How about, a message in a bottle for a loved one, as gift tag perhaps or to store fairy dust or glitter, coloured sand or baby’s first tooth?   For Christmas or other celebrations, cover with adhesive and dip in coloured glitter for a sparkly decoration and add string or ribbon – or apply glass paints. Other folks may use the little bottles to store a secret, a wish, a prayer or a spell – the choice is yours.  Search our website for product code GLTC or click here for more information.  You may also like to check out Pinterest boards for inspiration for this product or for ideas for others from our range.  This small bottle shown below with scale rule, excluding the stopper measures 32mm x 12mm.  

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