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Lovingly Crafted Cocktails … …

Lovingly Crafted Cocktails

Following on from the British Food Fortnight theme, it’s time for cocktail mixing! A relatively new business, Myatt’s Fields Cocktails is a handmade cocktail company set up by Clemency and Cyrus. They share a deep love in the craft of fine cocktail making.

What makes their specially crafted cocktails different from the norm is their process of aging cocktails. This enhances the flavours and creates a smokiness and subtlety that you don’t find in a freshly mixed drink. Clemency and Cyrus explain, “At Myatt’s Fields Cocktails, we age our core range under glass, so the drinks mentioned here are the same superb drink every single time. Ageing cocktails is a wonderful mix of art and science and has helped light up the cocktail world.” You can read their story here. At The Consumables Company we share their passion for quality and consistency and look forward to seeing them flourish.

test tubes & measuring beakers from our range

In the lab where Myatt’s delectable creations are crafted, our measuring beakers and corked test tubes are put to great use. Whatever your language, we raise our glasses you and say “cheers” the origin of which may be as captured by the following anecdote:

First recorded as “makien cheres” in 1225 AD, the phrase evolved to “what chere be with you?” in the 14th century which was a common greeting in England. Eventually, ‘chere’ began to mean good humour. In 1919, the phrase was first written as the “cheers” we know today.

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