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250ml Millipore Stericup™ Filter Unit 0.22µm (PES) Membrane Merck™ S2GPU02RE Sterile – Pack Size 12

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250ml Stericup™ single-use disposable vacuum filtration system for sterile media preparation. It combines a Stericup™ filter unit with a receiver flask for processing and storing volumes of 250ml in a single, ready-to-use format. No-tip, easy-grip flask design, and balanced profile improves stability during filtration in tight laminar flow hoods. Convenient packaging and labelling for easy opening and tracking. Slightly recessed base for convenient stacking of capped flasks after filtration to maximise refrigeration space. Stericup™ bottle-top devices can be used with other sterile capture flasks and bottles. Maximum operating temperature 45°C. Individually wrapped. Sterile.

Material:  Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane / Polystyrene (PS) housing
Height:  164mm
Diameter:  100mm (125mm including nozzle)
Filter diameter:  73mm
Pore size:  0.22μm
Filtration area:  40cm2
Volume:  250ml
Funnel capacity:  250ml
Closure:  screw cap
Sterile:  yes
Pack size:  12

Also available as a single unit FCUP250-1

Available on back-order


250ml Merck™ Millipore Stericup™ Filter Unit

The Stericup™ vacuum filtration system is the most efficient single-use, disposable process for sterile media preparation.

Features & Benefits:
Millipore Express PLUS™ membrane for fastest flow rates and low protein binding to minimize absorption and protein loss, which affect downstream performance and costs.
Durapore membrane for ultra-low protein binding for minimum absorption and protein loss.
Snug packaging, easy tear-open pouch, and convenient label designs make storing, opening and tracking your devices easy and efficient.
Stable base and easy grip design of the Stericup™ device enables any user to comfortably perform all stages of the workflow in a laminar flow hood.
Recessed bottom of Stericup™ receiver flasks allows flasks to be stacked easily in refrigerated spaces.

Sterilising tissue culture media, buffers, and other aqueous solutions.

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