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CSP Technologies Activ-Vial 15ml white snap cap desiccant vial

£13.50£270.00 ex VAT

The CSP Technologies, Inc. Activ-Polymer™ system is the
ingenuity behind the Activ-Vial™ product, which is commonly
used by leaders in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries.
CSP Technologies, Inc. has advanced manufacturing methods that
ensure moisture-tight containers with a desiccated plastic sleeve
that sets the industry standard for desiccant vials and bottles.

• Ensures product stability
• Enhances branding for premium products
• Expertise in Child Resistant CR, tamper-evident safe design

Features of the Activ-Vial™ flip-top container
• Easy open/close, “click” sound
• Moisture-tight and leak-proof sealing
• Attached lid cannot be lost or misplaced

Engineered Desiccant Sleeve
• Controlled moisture absorption
• Surrounds product

15ml snap cap vial to keep contents dry

With positive sealing cap, easy to open and close with one hand

Internal moisture absorption system keeps contents dry

Ideal for powder, tablets etc

Dimensions: 51mm high and 26mm diameter
Internal dimensions: 20mm diameter and 45mm deep


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