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Stericup™ filter unit 150ml capacity 0.22µm (PES) membrane sterile

£13.25 ex VAT


Stericup™ 150ml bottle / 150ml cup, 0.22µm, PES, sterile  (Expires April 2017)

Vacuum driven sterile filter cup and storage units for sterilising (22µm) and clarifying (45µm) larger volume samples

The units are designed to be stable and easy to grip; in addition the base of the receiver flask is slightly recessed to allow capped flasks to be stacked during storage.  Suitable for use in laminar flow cabinets

Millipore Express PLUS (PES) membrane offers high throughput, low protein binding sterile filtration of aqueous solutions

  • Easy grip, no tip design
  • ´Fins´ on cap allow it to be set down on its side
  • Recessed threads on cap help ensure sterility even if set face-down on bench-top
  • Stackable receiver flasks
  • Pre-filter tab built into receiver cup for hard to filter solutions (pre-filter sold separately)


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