Vacutainer®, 10mL draw blood tubes, BD K2EDTA, 16 x 100mm, PET, Paper Label, BD Hemoguard Cap for venous blood sampling and cell stability

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10mL BD K2EDTA PET Hemoguard Vacutainer Cat no. BD 367525

These 10mL Vacutainers are specifically designed for venous blood sampling, providing you with perfectly preserved, uncoagulated blood for further downstream testing.

The anticoagulant agent used in these tubes is dipotassium EDTA salt, K2EDTA, spray dried to the inner walls of the tube with no separator. this provides an environment recommended by the International Council Society of Haematology (ICSH) for use in haematological investigation.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA) salts are a widely used anticoagulant preservatives used to prevent coagulation of whole blood samples and are especially effective at preserving cellular blood components. The anticoagulant mechanism of action of EDTA is the formation of complexes between the EDTA and metal ions, such as calcium, which works to inhibit the normal coagulation cascade, thereby preventing coagulation. An added advantage of using EDTA is that its anticoagulant effects are reversible.

To avoid micro-clotting, it is recommended that the EDTA tubes are mixed by inverting them 8-10 times, immediately after taking the blood sample.

These tubes are 16mm x 100mm in size, manufactured from high quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and can hold a blood draw of up to 10mL. Each tube is fitted with a BD Hemoguard™ cap closure, a safety-engineered closure protecting users against blood splashing and splatter through its integrated shield. This ensures the safety of users, minimising the dangers of unscreened blood mixing and also prevents the contamination of samples.

Provided in cases of 100 vacuatiners


• Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 16mm x 100mm

• Draw Volume: 10mL

• Preservative: K2EDTA

• Separator: None

• Tube Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate

• Label: Paper

• Cap closure: BD Hemoguard™

• Cap Colour: Purple

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