A while ago now, we were contacted by a gentleman planning his wedding.  His request transpired to involve some testing which was a pleasure, both in terms of product sampling and in seeing the final result.  We’re sure that this couple’s wedding guests must have loved these unique gifts which, we understand are very much still a talking point some time after the wedding.

The happy couple purchased a number of our product reference 55PET – 55mm petri dishes, added some pretty gold ribbon to trim and some gold stars to line the dishes and then added some fun, personalised candies.

As a “research exercise” and as a “favour” we purchased a standard pack of sweets to test and advise which petri dish would be the best size for these unique and special wedding favours – I don’t think we still have the sweets!

Petri dish wedding favour on guest table



Our congratulations on their marriage to Parag and Aksa and thanks for sharing their story and allowing use of their photos


Thank you for looking at our products.

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