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Welcome to a more direct dialogue with our customers

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We at The Consumables Company wish to welcome you to a new way of engaging with you designed to inform, educate and hopefully capture your imagination.

We’re excited to also to let you know that you can now connect with us on social media where we’ll be happily sharing lots of interesting stuff via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so why not join the conversation, and tell us what you’ve been up to and how you’re using our products – we love hearing your stories!

We hope you will follow us, like us, tweet us and just generally get busy on our social accounts, so we can in turn build our relationship with you, and prepare ourselves for what products you’ll need next and hopefully help you in turn by demonstrating the amazing range of uses our products are used for.

Many of our customers have wildly interesting stories to tell, so we look forward to sharing lots of them with you in future issues.

However, what hasn’t changed is that we have lots of products that can be accessed easily via our website and sold in quantities to help the many diverse businesses who come to us, as well as numerous individuals pursuing leisure interests.

It’s taken some thought and painstaking analysis of our customer’s needs, but we believe now is the time to ensure that our products are showcased in a much more accessible manner to those needing them, as well as educating through entertaining case studies, which may just inspire you in surprising ways!

So, we’ll be sharing case studies, whilst also gently keeping you abreast of a selection of the most useful and sought after products too.

But, don’t worry; we’ll be careful not to overload you!  We know your time is precious, so we’ll make sure we don’t overstay our welcome.

So, sit back enjoy the ride and pop over to our website to check out our huge range of products, and hopefully we’ll get to know you better via our new social media accounts.

See you next time…
The Consumables Company Team

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