A range of our spatulas, swabs and face masks were purchased as props for the CBBC production, Wolfblood.   The items were used in series four of the BBC children’s drama.

For those of you who don’t know about wolfbloods well, they are part-human, part-wolf, with extraordinary speed and senses.

Wolfbloods live amongst us in secret, able to transform at will.  In series four, friendships and loyalties of a group of teens are tested to breaking point as they negotiate the battle between their wolf and human sides.

The items we purchased were used as part of the medical/science kit belonging to Dr Whitewood, an employee of Segolia, a multi-national scientific research company secretly run by wolfbloods.  This was the kit she took with her on a research mission to a wild wolfblood camp in episode 10.

Below can be seen a selection of the products which comprised Dr Whitewood’s kit.  Further information about these products can be viewed by clicking on the associated image.

BBC Wolfblood logo

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