On close inspection, we think the frogs/toads are concealing 2ml tubes and 3ml tubes with another kind of 2ml tube inside the golf balls, a 6ml tube inside the timber and a 10ml tube keeping the scorpion happy!

This time, whilst asking a customer for “their story”, I learned about a hobby that I hadn’t come across before – a great idea for enjoying the outdoors, geocaching.  In this image, some of the containers which we sell have been used to camouflage hidden treasures – thanks for the image Kurt, love the creative caches!

Having researched online, the uninitiated like myself, may be interested to read something about this pastime … a geocacher will go to a location which has usually some special interest or beauty.   At the location, they will hide a small waterproof box containing a few varied bits and pieces (usually of little value), a logbook and a pen or pencil. Using their GPS receiver, the geocacher records the coordinates of their cache and returns home to log its existence on a website.

Another geocacher will see the listing about the cache, enter the coordinates into their GPS receiver and go in search of it – how rewarding to find a cache that has been as cleverly disguised as the ones in this image. When they find a cache, the finder may take something from it and leave something in return, and for posterity, enter a log in the logbook.

When the seeker returns home, s/he returns to the website where they learned of the cache, logs that they found it and passes any comments. This feedback is a kind of reward for the cache hider.

Geocaches are currently placed in over 100 countries around the world and on all seven continents, including Antarctica. There are over 2 million active geocaches published on various websites.



I imagine that from our range of vials & containers, there will be endless opportunities for creativity – if you would like to share your ideas, click here to send by email

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