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Unquenchable thirst for real ale needing the appliance of science

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Here at The Consumables Company we have seen increasing demand for products which can help brewers with their magic ingredients for the perfect beer.  Our 30ml glass bottles with glass screw top and the 100ml dipper have been the most popular.

Real ale is big business and of course, it is not just microbrewers who use our products. Real ale popularity has meant many home brewers are having a go themselves, creating many pints of beers which are as cheap as those days when the Zanussi ad men were thinking up their appliance of science slogan – yes, the Zanussi slogan dating back to the 1980s!

Home brewers from the Home Brew Forum have been customers of ours.  After all they start the process in their sheds and then become the microbrewers who then become mainstream brewers.  It is the natural cycle and many an enthusiast is contacting us with their requests.

The art of brewing has provided many jobs and many happy people, especially at weekends in pubs up and down the land. The imagination of brewers will continue to ensure this is now a strong industry which will continue to evolve.

If you are interested in some of our products for brewing, please look visit our website.  We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

If you are of a certain vintage that you recall those Zanussi adverts, then you are probably also aware of a time when the beer drinker had a poor level of choice down at his or her local.

In those days, when a pint at the local cost less than £1, honestly!!!  Lager and bland keg bitter was all that many a pub local had to contend with.  It is also why the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA) was formed, battling the big brewers who they felt were killing the art of cask beer brewing – a skill dating back many centuries in Old Blighty.

In fact, when beer was a fraction of that £1 mark, in 1971, CAMRA set about its battle to ensure the craft of beer making was not consigned to history.

Fast forward almost half a century and what a fantastic success story it has been.

Now according to the Guardian there are 1,700 or so breweries in the UK, showing an 8 per cent yearly increase according to the latest figures.  As the report shows, such breweries have become very profitable businesses, many acquired by bigger breweries, as the UK public develop a palate for the huge variety of different tastes, colours and strengths of these beers.

Primarily using water, malted barley, hops, and yeast, microbrewers are increasingly experimenting to make those perfect beers, which garner such an enthusiastic following, be it at the many beer festivals or in the local pubs – many who now have a choice of several real cask ales.

We can say undoubtedly Britain’s brewing industry is in good hands and we at The Consumables Company raise a glass to all those involved and are glad to play our own little part in it.  Cheers!

100ml dipper for sampling 100ml dipper

30ml glass bottle with black screw cap 30ml glass bottle

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